Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can’t see website updates?
    • Cache is the term used when information is used for future use. In your mobile/computer’s case, your web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome,  Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) stores versions of websites as you view them. Just clear your cache to view the updates.
  2. How can I contact you Online?
    • You can reach our customer support team on the chat section on which is monitored by our team 24/7. You can also write us an email at
  3. Are there areas you do not deliver to?
    • No, we do delivery across Oman.
  4. Where is your office located?
    • Our office is in Muscat.
  5. I would like to share some feedback with OLS. How do I do that?
    • You can email us at or message us on our online chat. Our customer support team will try and reply to your feedback as soon as possible.