• Social responsibility

Our social impact can be measured by the well-being of our more than 500 employees in the region. The safety of our employees is our top priority. A priority that cannot and will not be neglected. the employer of choice in the furniture industry for all skilled workers, regardless of profession, training or experience.

  • Minimizing our environmental footprint

At OLS we are committed to a sustainable future. We use recycled materials and wood from FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources in our products, reduce CO2 emissions and run our company with high ethics throughout the entire supply chain and together we promote sustainable consumption. We have joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative, which was set up with the aim of supporting the implementation of the sustainability principles and goals of the UN.

  • Our heritage

We are an Oman, mass-produced ready to assemble furniture that embodies the beauty of Nordic design, and we pride ourselves on our heritage. We are just as proud that there is a piece of furniture in almost every home in Oman. from the fact that over the years we have managed to expand our footprint to include neighboring countries, but we will never forget our legacy.

Our values ​​are what our company should represent and what our company reflects. This means that we have clear expectations of ourselves to continuously create and develop a good job for all employees. At OLS we live our values ​​every day throughout the organization.

  • Trustworthy

Our values ​​are what our company should represent and what our company reflects. This means that we have clear expectations of ourselves to continuously create and develop a good job for all employees. At OLS we live our values ​​every day throughout the organization.

  • Result-oriented

Big results don’t come without hard work, at OLS we look for opportunities and take responsibility for promoting our own business as well as that of our partners. We consider commitment and human potential to be our most important resource. gain new insights that we use to become even better. We are consistent in our efforts and thus achieve results.

  • Innovative

Innovation is the key. At OLS we know how important innovation is. Hence, our minds are focused on improving ourselves and developing our business and each other every day. Our product portfolio is constantly being developed in order to correspond to market trends and to inspire dealers and end users. This is how we adjust to future market requirements and drive change and progress.

  • Caring
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Respect for people and the environment is of fundamental importance to us, at OLS safety comes first, we work as a team and we are good partners, we take care of the environment.

The world is facing a number of serious challenges that must be addressed urgently. To point the way to a sustainable future, the United Nations (UN) has identified a number of areas for improvement, which are summarized in 17 goals: The Sustainable Development Goals These offer a comprehensive approach to support governments, companies, organizations and people around the world in solving these problems. After reviewing the 17 goals and assessing our ability to support their successful fulfillment, we have selected three goals on which we will place our main focus.

  • Reduced inequality

When we tell the world about affordable, functional and sustainable furniture, it is our intention to offer safe furniture made from responsible materials at a price level that leaves no room for inferior alternatives on the market. That way, we hope the healthy choice is an option. . for everyone, regardless of future income level.

  • Responsible consumption and production

We make furniture and thus inevitably affect the climate, the environment, and the surrounding communities, and in everything we do, we constantly strive to be more sustainable. We strive to use as many certified raw materials as possible, some of which are recycled, to optimize production waste streams and eliminate as many unsustainable materials as possible. We expect the same from our suppliers. We encourage consumers to buy sustainable products like our furniture and use them sustainably so that they last longer and can be recycled after use.

  • Climate

Our goal is to reduce the energy consumption in our production, and we pack our products in flat and compact boxes to optimize transport. In the coming years we will collect all the necessary data to be able to further improve our climate.

  • Climate footprint

It is inevitable that the production of furniture, like any other high-volume production, will have an impact on the climate. At OLS we try to minimize these effects in every possible way with the tools and procedures available to us. We must rely on valid data for decisions. In the coming years we will increase the collection of various climate-related data. This work is already in progress; We have already mapped the vast majority of our Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 emissions and the process has started mapping and analyzing our Scope 3 CO2 emissions. Scope 1 and 2, which include all emissions related to our own operations and assets, are under our own direct control. Scope 3 requires that we work with our suppliers, customers and the environment, which means that this part of the process is much more demanding.

We source raw materials with a high proportion of recycled materials where it makes sense, for example packaging and some wood-based materials. At the same time, we strive to minimize the pollutant content of the raw materials, both in the interests of our end users and to increase the recyclability of the materials when disposing of furniture after use. and the procurement strategies of the local chipboard manufacturers. We are increasingly focusing on this part of the life cycle of our furniture and trying to ensure the best and friendliest disposal or recycling practices when selecting and dismantling raw materials.

  • Recycling and waste

Our product design and purchasing process are optimized to minimize production waste. We take care to classify by-products as much as possible so that they can be reused or recycled. Most of the by-products of our production are chipboard and MDF cuts as well as sawdust. Our panel suppliers use a considerable part of the chipboard waste for new panels. Despite our increasing production volume, we have managed to reduce our total share of waste in recent years. We are constantly looking for alternative uses for this waste, the rest of which is incinerated in slightly larger quantities. In 2021, we will continue to focus on reducing waste across our supply chain, including our external partners.

  • Employee health and safety

The safety and health of our employees is of the utmost importance to us. The importance is increased by the fact that our production process includes the use of large machines and manual processes. We have developed a comprehensive organization of work environment groups in all departments that play an important and proactive role in mitigating potential risks and suggesting improvements based on new processes and new technologies, focusing on mental health, stress and advocating a positive work culture. We focus on developing safety walks, management reports, developing health and safety organizations, employee development groups, and training employees in safety procedures. Efforts, all incidents, da new health and safety committee that analyzes all initiatives and issues related to health.

  • Development of employees

Although we have significantly increased the level of automation in our production processes, our factories and distribution centers still employ a large number of people, and when we focus on developing our employees’ skills, our primary focus is on their safety. That is why we conduct a large number of peer training sessions for our employees every year so that everyone is trained in how to use the machines they work with, which is also reflected in higher product quality and lower reworking volumes. Talent and management skills development programs in the company.

  • Fees and fines

As a partially owner-managed company, OLS builds on a solid foundation of decency and the rule of law. This is reflected in everything we do. We always want to comply with all legal requirements and regulations. our constant focus on minimizing the risk of unlawful behavior.

  • Whistleblower

To ensure ethically correct behavior in our organization, we introduce an updated whistleblower scheme to make sure any employee has the opportunity to report illegal or unwanted activities or behavior anonymously. In the coming year, we will update our whistleblower scheme, and ensure that the same version is rolled out at all sites at OLS. Additionally, we will implement an internal training program for the employees.

To ensure ethically correct behavior in our organization, we present an up-to-date whistleblower system to ensure that every employee has the opportunity to anonymously report illegal or undesirable behavior or activities. The version is made available on all OLS sites. In addition, we will run an internal training program for employees.

  • Policies

To ensure that we meet the demands and expectations of society, we develop a set of guidelines that guide us in our strategy and our actions. In 2022, we will analyze all the guidelines that apply in the Group and, based on this, we will also develop and implement an internal code of conduct for all Group employees, which ensures that our values ​​and ethical attitudes are adopted by all employees

  • Transparency

We strive to develop a number of relevant KPIs so that our descriptions are supported by metrics and numbers. We are a signatory to the UN Global Compact and every year we renew our commitment to uphold the ten principles of respect for humanity. Rights, workers’ rights, the environment and the climate, and the fight against corruption. At the end you can read more about our actions in connection with the UN Global Compact.

  • Supplier management

A large part of the risk that our activities harm society emanates from the entire supply chain and thus also from our suppliers. Therefore, we focus on better and better control of our purchases and the actions of our suppliers. We will update our supplier risk assessment and implement it regionally. In addition, we will update our code of conduct for suppliers and implement it regionally.

  • Awareness on sustainability

The more you know, the better decisions you can make. That is why we want to use our products and the platform we have created to communicate and sensitize users of our products to the topic of sustainability. Our regional reach to show what each of us can do to live more sustainable lives.

  • LED Lighting

Energy saving in office up to 70- 80% by switching to LED Lighting.

  • Recycled bags

New Non-plastic Bags Dissolve In Hot Or Cold Water with time.