• Fees And Fines

As a partially owner-managed company, OLS builds on a solid foundation of decency and the rule of law. This is reflected in everything we do. We always want to comply with all legal requirements and regulations. our constant focus on minimizing the risk of unlawful behavior.

  • Whistleblower

To ensure ethically correct behavior in our organization, we introduce an updated whistleblower scheme to make sure any employee has the opportunity to report illegal or unwanted activities or behavior anonymously. In the coming year, we will update our whistleblower scheme, and ensure that the same version is rolled out at all sites at OLS. Additionally, we will implement an internal training program for the employees.

To ensure ethically correct behavior in our organization, we present an up-to-date whistleblower system to ensure that every employee has the opportunity to anonymously report illegal or undesirable behavior or activities. The version is made available on all OLS sites. In addition, we will run an internal training program for employees.

  • Policies

To ensure that we meet the demands and expectations of society, we develop a set of guidelines that guide us in our strategy and our actions. In 2022, we will analyze all the guidelines that apply in the Group and, based on this, we will also develop and implement an internal code of conduct for all Group employees, which ensures that our values and ethical attitudes are adopted by all employees

  • Transparency

We strive to develop a number of relevant KPIs so that our descriptions are supported by metrics and numbers. We are a signatory to the UN Global Compact and every year we renew our commitment to uphold the ten principles of respect for humanity. Rights, workers’ rights, the environment and the climate, and the fight against corruption. At the end you can read more about our actions in connection with the UN Global Compact.

  • Supplier Management

A large part of the risk that our activities harm society emanates from the entire supply chain and thus also from our suppliers. Therefore, we focus on better and better control of our purchases and the actions of our suppliers. We will update our supplier risk assessment and implement it regionally. In addition, we will update our code of conduct for suppliers and implement it regionally.