• Employee Health And Safety

The safety and health of our employees is of the utmost importance to us. The importance is increased by the fact that our production process includes the use of large machines and manual processes. We have developed a comprehensive organization of work environment groups in all departments that play an important and proactive role in mitigating potential risks and suggesting improvements based on new processes and new technologies, focusing on mental health, stress and advocating a positive work culture. We focus on developing safety walks, management reports, developing health and safety organizations, employee development groups, and training employees in safety procedures. Efforts, all incidents, da new health and safety committee that analyzes all initiatives and issues related to health.

  • Development Of Employees

Although we have significantly increased the level of automation in our production processes, our factories and distribution centers still employ a large number of people, and when we focus on developing our employees’ skills, our primary focus is on their safety. That is why we conduct a large number of peer training sessions for our employees every year so that everyone is trained in how to use the machines they work with, which is also reflected in higher product quality and lower reworking volumes. Talent and management skills development programs in the company.